Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happy Birthday to ME!

A quick post to share the hilarious song my family wrote for me today (my 30th birthday!).

I would share the accompanying video, in which my sister and mom sing while my 17-year-old brother gamely performs yogi dance moves in a long purple wig, but apparently he doesn't want that particular video to go public...can't imagine why!

Feeling incredibly lucky today for such wonderful friends and family - on the East Coast, on the West Coast, and everywhere in between! 

(sung to the tune of "Roxie" from Chicago)

The word on everybody's lips is gonna be... Yogi.
The lady memorizing scripts is gonna be... Yogi.
She's gonna be a Bikram groupie
That means somebody holding her pose.
She's gonna sweat all o'er her eyes
Her hair, her teeth, her boobs, her nose.

From just some lazy smoker HA! she's gonna be... Yogi.
Who says that yoga's not an art?
And who in case she doesn't fail,
can say she started very frail.

Yogi heart! 

They're gonna wait outside in line to get to see
Think of those dialogues she'll recite. "Good luck to ya!"

And she'll appear in her Mika wear that won't cover not even her waist,
Here Shakti, there a shanti: every where a Sushumna nadi
And always in the best of taste.

Mmmm, she's a star...
And the yogis loves her,
And she loves them.
And they love her for lovin' them
And she loves them for lovin' her
And they love each other
And that's 'cause she got plenty of love in her childhood
And that's just fabulous...Kid!

She's givin' up her humdrum life
She's gonna be, sing it!


She made a change and a new start.
And Bikram Choudhury, shit I know
He'll see her style and never know ...
She's THIRTY!!


P.S. They also sent a generous gift certificate to Mika Yoga Wear...hence the reference
P.P.S. Original song below:

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  1. Danielle! Good luck to you in LA. Kick a lot of Bikram ass.

    We'll see you back in SF soon.