Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Passport to Prana: How to Get Your Yoga On (On the Cheap)

Yeah, so I haven't written a new post in a while...this year's 30 day challenge has been unusually difficult, and my life has become particularly busy, so going to extra yoga classes in order to keep up my poor little blog has fallen to the bottom of the priority list.  Sorry, y'all.

But there's a cool deal going on that I had to share ASAP: it's called Passport to Prana, and basically you pay just $30 (plus fees & shipping) for 6 classes (one each) at 6 of 33 studios throughout the Bay Area. The goal is to encourage us to try a range of classes and styles - so basically, a mini version of this blog, but they've done all the work.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Candlelit Yoga at Yoga to the People: I Am a Human, Being


Thanks to a bout of flu and the beginning of my 30 day bikram challenge, it’s been a little while since last I wrote, but I know my many loyal followers have been waiting with bated breath for my next entry...so yesterday I decided to follow up a 4:30pm bikram class with a 7pm "candlelit yoga" session at Yoga to the People, a donation-based yoga form that apparently began in New York (there's a YTTP in Berkeley as well).  Their website is unique and their mantra is really refreshing, so I've copied it below, in it's entirety:


A little crunchy-granola California-rific for you East Coasters, I know, but I for one was very excited for this particular class.  

The preceding bikram class was taught by a big brawny guest teacher named Bruno.  He had a great style of teaching and pushing us past what we thought were our limits, and I was so focused and engaged that the hour and a half flew by.  Of course, when I peeled my soggy self off my yoga mat after final savasana, my thighs and middle back felt like they'd been steamrollered.  So it was that I walked the four blocks from studio to studio (passing by that Anusara place I've been meaning to try on the way...the Starbucks comparison is no joke!) with a certain amount of trepidation.