Monday, May 3, 2010

Yoga on the Bay: Loosen Up Already!

I forget how I heard about this particular free class, but knowing that the weather this weekend was going to be gorgeous, and that if I don't have something specific to be out of bed for on Saturdays I'll sleep till 1pm and waste the day, I decided to give it a shot.  After all, free yoga!  Sunshine!  Next door to a farmers market!  All of my favorite things.  Which is how I found myself slathering on the 30 SPF and hopping in my car to head off to Berkeley for Yoga on the Bay free yoga classes.

I got to class ten or fifteen minutes late (mostly because I needed my weekend Philz coffee, and the line was hella long...what's that you say, I can't use "hella" unless I'm from CA?) and thought that maybe I'd missed it.  Finally I found our teacher Star sitting in the field doing a seated twist.  And by "our" I mean "my" because I was the only person there.  Apparently this is a new program and they're still spreading the word.  But Star was very sweet and told me that I was lucky - that I'd be getting a personal yoga class.

And no joke, that's what happened.  I got an hour-long personal yoga session!