Monday, April 12, 2010

The Bar Method: It's your BUTT, ladies!

Before I begin this post, I had to tell this story: this (early) morning I walked to Bikram class through the cold, wet rain, for once very much looking forward to 105 degree heat.  It was the first class of the day, and it was unusually damp and dreary outside, but I tell you what folks – for the first time I can remember I was COLD in class.  I wanted to wrap that clammy towel around me and huddle with the other people in class for warmth, it was that cold (how is it possible to sweat and freeze at the same time?).  So if anyone is fearful of the Bikram heat, here's a tip - go to the first class of the day, usually around 6 AM - it’s a little more manageable.

Anyway…so my friend & coworker has been encouraging me to try the Bar Method – a new exercise trend that includes elements of pilates, ballet, and yoga.  The celebrities love it, like Kelly Osborne, and it's been getting a lot of attention, which is why the classes are crazy expensive (and I thought yoga was pricey!).  There are two SF studios, one downtown and one in the Marina, and you can send yourself a complimentary first class.  Just make sure you call ahead to reserve your spot, because classes fill up fast.  So that’s how I found myself driving all the way back to the Marina on a Saturday morning.  (side note: did you know you can get a $50 ticket for parking too far from the curb?  I sure didn’t.  I really need to learn how to park.)