Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Welcome to the Friendly City!

I couldn't go to yoga tonight since my bedframe was finally being delivered and assembled (much as I enjoyed sleeping on a futon, on the floor, like the hippie I am, it's nice to have a real bed again), so I figured now might be a good time to compose a quick update to y'all on my life and times in small town Virginia!

So here I am, at the delightful little Earth and Tea Cafe, a stones throw from my new apartment, drinking a $5 large pot of gingersnap rooibos tea, and missing my Pittsburgh crew so very much.  But moving here was one of the better decisions I've made, for sure...

Friday, October 11, 2013

It's Only Goodbye for Now...

So I don't read my horoscope much...but one particular day in late September, I happened to check it out.  And here is what it said:

Standing at the edge of a new experience is a reassuring feeling for you Rams. You might even begin an extremely exciting venture now, for you have an optimistic sense about life and you are eager to play out your part. Be as adventurous as you wish. Live outside the constraints of negativity and reach for the stars.

Why so shocked, Keanu?  Because that very day I had been offered an amazing job in a small town in Virginia.  So I decided to take it, and I'll be leaving my beloved Pittsburgh (and even more beloved studio) on October 26th.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Competition Recap, or Danielle Should Probably Get A New Computer At Some Point

Hello yoga family,

I wrote you a beautiful blog post.  I shared funny anecdotes about all the concerts I've been to this summer.  I talked about the amazing Mary Jarvis seminars I've been lucky enough to attend.  I described the terrible terrible plague that is heat rash when you're not only a full time Bikram Yoga teacher, but also training for yoga competition...yet somehow, I transitioned the hilarious story of that horrendous plague into a learning experience about new student mentalities, and I tied it into an inspiring tale of one of my 6am students and it was BEAUTIFUL, I TELL YOU.  BEAUTIFUL.

And then my computer froze up, and I had to restart, and Blogger had decided that it just didn't feel like saving my post.  Any of it.

My memory is that of a goldfish and therefore I cannot recapture for you the glory of the hours I spent this weekend writing that post, dear readers.  So I'll just focus on what you're probably most curious about...

Competition Recap 2013!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Adventures in Verizon Wireless Customer Service

Yes, I know that I owe you all a real blog post related to yoga life, and I promise that is coming soon (Mary Jarvis in NYC! Competition July 27th!  This awesome photo!)  But first, I have had the most laughably insane customer service experience over the past few months, culminating just now in "We're sorry, there's no answer; this call is being disconnected."  


Our story begins on a cold winter's day in March 2013...

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

More Tales of a Traveling Yogi

Hello my fellow yoga friends!  Before I get into the happenings of the past few months, please allow me to indulge in a little shameless self promotion...

Vote for me

Click on that button, watch my silly video, and then "share" it via 1 - 5 methods to vote for me 1 - 5 times!  A bunch of students and friends and family members have already been sharing it around via Facebook and let me tell you, nothing warms the heart quite like one of your beloved students saying "vote for my teacher!"  

Of course, Stephanie's promo might take the cake: "Wouldn't yinz rather see this lovely lovely filming in Bora Bora or Cairo? Then VOTE FOR HER so she no longer has to make videos of Pittsburgh."  HA!