Sunday, August 11, 2013

Competition Recap, or Danielle Should Probably Get A New Computer At Some Point

Hello yoga family,

I wrote you a beautiful blog post.  I shared funny anecdotes about all the concerts I've been to this summer.  I talked about the amazing Mary Jarvis seminars I've been lucky enough to attend.  I described the terrible terrible plague that is heat rash when you're not only a full time Bikram Yoga teacher, but also training for yoga competition...yet somehow, I transitioned the hilarious story of that horrendous plague into a learning experience about new student mentalities, and I tied it into an inspiring tale of one of my 6am students and it was BEAUTIFUL, I TELL YOU.  BEAUTIFUL.

And then my computer froze up, and I had to restart, and Blogger had decided that it just didn't feel like saving my post.  Any of it.

My memory is that of a goldfish and therefore I cannot recapture for you the glory of the hours I spent this weekend writing that post, dear readers.  So I'll just focus on what you're probably most curious about...

Competition Recap 2013!