Thursday, January 21, 2010

Restorative Yoga at Yoga Garden SF: Not Restored So Much As Humbled

I'd taken a 6:15am bikram class (followed by a post-bikram, post-shower nap, which is the most glorious experience but always makes me late to work) and had had a long work day, so an 8pm Restorative Yoga class at The Yoga Garden (described as "deep relaxation," "guided breath awareness," and "active enough for our restless minds and relaxed enough for our tired bodies.") for only $5 seemed like a great idea.

Did you ever read The Secret Garden?  The Yoga Garden is a bit like that - an unassuming building in the middle of a busy, boring street, but you walk through the gate and there's flowing water, bright green moss lit by blue light, plants & flowers and soothing sounds and bamboo and it's just gorgeous!  You follow this little oasis path around the building to the back, where the studio is located - very tiny, with only two unisex changing rooms and two bathrooms, but peaceful and...quiet.  Very quiet.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Bay Area Yoga Studios...A (not quite) Exhaustive List

Some options I'll be considering over the coming year (in alphabetical order).  I've included name, style, location, website, and whatever special first-timer deals they might have (cause I'm cheap).  As time passes, I'll update this list, link to reviews, and/or figure out how to make this an actually useful compendium.