Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Six Weeks in Cleveland: I Have Become Mr. Rogers

Who's ready for an update on learning to be a good Bikram Yoga instructor?  It's been a fascinating, busy few weeks, and I wanted to share a bit on what I've learned and experienced.

But first...I'm finally living by myself!  I have a cute little carriage house in Cleveland Heights.  The previous tenants were: a fellow who was commuting back and forth to Detroit for a year...and before him, a woman who lived there for SIXTEEN YEARS.  Well, first she lived in the house (according to oldest of the three young daughters who live in the main house, she "came with the house") and then she moved to the carriage house, where she gradually went a little bit crazy.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Just call me "Bikram Blogger Extraordinaire"

My Cleveland friend Amanda, who has been mentioned in many posts, generously gave me some blog space to introduce her readers to Bikram Yoga.  You can read the original post on her site here, but I've pasted it below too - just so I don't have to write TWO blog posts this week...I'm a busy girl!  But looking forward to telling you all about my adventures in Cleveland's non-Bikram yoga offerings, my snazzy new apartment, and my inability to drive in reverse.  Enjoy the last gasp of beautiful weather here on the East Coast!

AMANDA SEZ...While I’m enjoying a weekend with my incredible in-laws in New Jersey, a friend from my Philly theatre days shares how Bikram Yoga’s recent arrival in Ohio led her to “flee to the Cleve.” I’ll be back Monday with an (overdue) recap of my first attempt at a Cleveland Clam Bake!